Spritz to fix a 'messy' Virtuoso coffee grinder

Hey friends 👋

I love me some coffee. So much so that I bought a fancy $200 coffee grinder (because whole bean brewing is life changing and has made me a better family man).

It’s the Baratza Virtuoso which, by many accounts, is a messy grinder. A good machine, but a messy one. The static of the ground-up beans causes a mess on the countertop.

But hey, I found a work around that doesn’t require me replacing this expensive appliance…

Ladies and gentlemen: Spritz 👏 your 👏 coffee 👏

Buy a cheap spritzer (or a fancy one) and give your beans one to two sprays of water before tossing them into the grinder. Boom. Done. No more static. No more mess. Thank me later.

Also: (This applies to many other coffee grinders on the market as well. Not just the one I bought. Grinding beans for a single cup is what seemingly causes the static that creates the mess).